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The Crooked Key Podcast: A Paranormal Adventure

Jun 25, 2020

The Bridgewater Triangle may not be the largest of our haunted triangles but the 200 square miles are paranormal packed. 


Jun 18, 2020

This week on The Crooked Key Podcast, the hosts look at the vast,  scarcely populated, scary area known as The Alaska Triangle. Is there an alien base in Mount Hayes? Are you more likely to be haunted in a paranormal triangle? Jenni and Karen try to answer these questions and more about the Alaska Triangle. 


Jun 11, 2020

The paranormal Bennington, Vermont area has been known as the Bennington Triangle since 1992. One again, Jenni and Karen are looking at creepy triangles and the paranormal activity in these places. Five disappearances in five years. Is there one theory to explain this mystery?


Jun 8, 2020

Paranormal Partners back in the saddle again after a long time of social distancing.  Okay,  maybe we're just back on the couch together again. This month we are talking about paranormal triangles and, of course, we're starting with the Bermuda Triangle. We look at stories about the weird disappearances in this...