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The Crooked Key Podcast

May 6, 2021

When I think of the paranormal, I don't think of Utah. That has all changed now. This state was a little bit of everything, maybe even werewolves and vampires. Don't miss this episode of The Crooked Key Podcast to hear all about it.


Apr 22, 2021

The paranormal findings in Minnesota are off the charts. The stories of both Karen and Jenni contain unusual phenomena. The Crooked Key Podcast looks at Nopeming Sanatorium and West Hills. 


Apr 15, 2021

This week, The Crooked Key Podcast looks into the hauntings at the Cornerstone Mansion in Omaha and the Nebraska State Capitol Building in Lincoln.


Apr 8, 2021

The Crooked Key Podcast loves a good paranormal tale. On this episode, we're sharing stories from listeners with spooky tales of strange encounters.

Special thanks to Olivia, Rob, Sarah, and Kat Dennings!